Today marks the first official release of the BETA, for those of you who have access be sure your playing and giving feedback so I can further improve it for future releases, which is where I talk about the upcoming update to v0.1_3!

~Behind the Scenes- v0.1_3~

A list below will show what will be changed/added to the game in v0.1_3, the approximated release date is tomorrow, 11/12/2012.
  • Changes to sprites within the game, to make it all fit the style rather than all of them have different styles.
  • Ability to plant bombs and set them to detonate when you please. You will only be able to plant one bomb at a time, once you detonate your current bomb you will be able to place a new one. More information on how this works will be provided in the Instructions page.
  • The size of the game screen will be increased to quite some extent. If you are one of those who have small computer screens, when the options are re-released in a future update you will be able to adjust the screen size to fit your screen.
  • We will be introducing a new part of the game, called abilities. The first one introduced in this update is called Shock-wave, when activated will cause a circle wave to shoot out from the player and damage all enemies surrounding them. Like all future abilities, this will have a cool-down timer . This ability specifically will take 7 seconds to cool-down.
  • Now at the top of the page during game-play a timer is displayed. This can be used for people to have competitions on who has finished the stage in the least amount of time by taking screen shots of when the stage complete message appears (just an idea). When this update is in place and you wan't to get on the home page for fastest time, please email me the photo @ (And please no faking pictures, I can tell when they are edited). In a future release, I will make the ability to post your time on a highscores table on the website in a future release, but as of this time it isn't possible for personal reasons.
  • The password required in the v0.1_2 is different then what I emailed all the accepted entries, this version will fix that problem.


Colton (Owner of HoD)

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